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This guide describes how to log in for the first time

To be able to follow this guide you have to have a username and a temporary password.


 1. Start Internet Explorer (or another web browser, for instance Chrome or Mozilla)

 2. Write in the address field

3. Log in by entering your username including your one-time password:



4. After you have logged in, 3 additional fields is shown:

Old password: 

Here you write your one-time password again

New password: 
Here you have to write a new personal password. The demand for the password is at least 8 characters and needs to have a combination of at least of an upper and lower case letter, a digit and/or a special character (i.e. a dot or a exclamation mark)

Confirm new password: 
Repeat the personal password you would like to create

5. When clicking submit, the system will control your password suggestion

If the password does not meet the requirements about length and choice of characters, you will get an error message and will then have to supply a new password that meets these requirements.

If the password is approved, you will once again get to the MidrocOnline login page. Please try to login with the new password you changed into.

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